Death at the Doorway and a Promise of the Hereafter

Recently a dear friend passed away. I was there the day before she passed. Her mother, who had already passed to the other side years before, was standing beside the bed. My friend’s son, who stood grieving on the other side of the bed, did not realize his grandmother stood beside him. Angel light filled the room. From my perspective sitting on the other side of the bed, the room appeared to be crowded with light beings.

“The dying are most often visited by their mothers. It shouldn’t be too surprising that the person who is actually present as we cross the threshold of life and take our first breaths once again appears at the threshold as we take our last breaths.” –

I had never seen a picture of her mother before, and told her sons that I saw a woman that I thought was her mother. Later, I had an opportunity to look at a photo. It was the same lady I saw standing beside the bed.

I called on my ancestors to assist me as a healing channel to provide calm and comfort to my friend. Her rapid breathing slowed somewhat, but that was all. I prayed that she would be at peace.

The next day, as I was meandering along a popular trail – my way of cominangel lightg to terms with the inevitable passage of a dear friend – I heard her sister, who had passed 12 years before, call out, “C’mon, what are you waiting for?” I felt, rather than saw, my friend smile. I knew in that moment that she had departed. Her sister, who was also her best friend, helped bring her out of her ravaged body and into the light.

Was this a shared death experience? A story from CNN explores this subject further:

While we grieve on this side over the pain of a love one who has departed, I strongly believe that relatives who have passed gather around the dying to help them cross. It gave me peace to know this fact, and I hope it helps you too.

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