Letting Go

The universe works in mysterious ways. Friends you thought you would have for life simply fade away or drop off abruptly. Your life has changed and you wonder what just happened and why.

If someone is a negative influence in your life, or you are changing and they remain in the same place, it may be time to let that person or those people go. Sure, you will miss them, but you also know in your heart of hearts that the individual Letting Go picwill continue to always be what they are – nothing more, and it is not fair to expect them to be “better” or “different.”

I’ve seen situations where someone tries to hang onto someone else because knowing someone for a long time makes it easier to be around them – what I would call the comfort factor – because you know what to expect. They never change even when you do.
If this situation has happened to you, chances are you have raised your vibrational level. Maybe you have become more spiritual or more philosophical about life. Maybe there is a new partner, a new job, a new way of living. Maybe your friend or friends don’t know how to “just be” around you anymore. Maybe it’s time to forgive them, forgive yourself and let go.

“If you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot,
you will have a lot of peace.” – Ajahn Chah

For those of us that feel stuck in place, another way to let go is to clear out stuff. Do you have stacks of old papers gathering dust? Go out and buy some industrial-sized trash bags, shred that pile, and let it go. Here’s the good part, once you open up some space in your life – whether it’s saying goodbye to someone you care about or it’s the stack of papers and other things that clutter up your world – you are actually making room for someone new or something new in your life. You’ve cleared the way for it to happen, so let the magic begin!

Where 2015 was the year for manifestation and change it was also a time of releasing – whether you wantedmonkey 3 to or not. 2016, according to Chinese Astrology, is the Year of the Monkey.

And what does the monkey do? He knocks everything a little off balance –
planning goes out the window, life becomes livelier, mental energy increases. So this year, take a few risks, invent something new, get out there and blow off some steam, climb that hill, be creative, be courageous, say goodbye to the past and welcome the new.

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