Angels Surround Us: Stories of Mystery and Hope

Whether you are young are old, chances are you’ve experienced an Angelic encounter in your life. The Angel may send you the right person at the right moment to get you out of a difficult situation. You may hear a voice in your head warning you to remain vigilant, or you may be told that everything will be alright.

Angels are not bound by a material body like we are and so they can move super fast, the speed of “thought”…much faster than Superman. So if you ask your Guardian Angel to help someone else out, they will be back at your side before you realize.

The Internet is full of stories detailing encounters with Angels and Guard20151228_143154-1ian angels who have saved people in dangerous situations. Here are just a few stories that you may find interesting. To read more, simply click on the link.

Angel Rescues Australian Boy by Pulling Him Out of the Sea
“I realized I was drowning … I realized this was it. I can’t breathe. In that moment, I screamed out to God. I just remember being carried in strong arms to the beach.”

Angels Step in as Two Cars are Engulfed in Flames

“I can only say that the Lord sent an Angel and removed Lisa from the car, because she was not coming out of that car.”

A Wedding Band, a Missing Dog, A Long Leap and the Breath of Life
“I don’t know if I was just lucky or if I had other help,” he says, “but it was wonderful either way.”

Angel-Cherub-with-Kitten-Garden-Statue-12-inch_37811A Guardian Angel Prays Over an Accident Victim
“You can see on the picture, on the right-hand side that the Angel looks like he’s actually knelt with his hands up praying over him,” Wooten said.

Stuck in a Snowbank
“Sara walked over to her brother’s grave and said, “Ricky, please help us!” … …Then out of nowhere, a man with shoulder-length blond hair and crystal-blue eyes was standing next to us. Sara looked at the man and said, “My car is stuck and we can’t get it to move…”

If you are looking for inspirational stories about Angels or Angelic interventions, the website has many stories on Angel encounters. I came across a story from 2005 called The Fire, which details a woman’s experience with a house fire. As she ran through the house, she heard a voice telling her that her son had already run to the neighbors to get help. Three weeks later, a little boy that lived 45 minutes away recounted the exact sequence of events and said he had seen an Angel carry them to safety.


At times, people wonder if they have a Guardian Angel or another Angel presence protecting them. I believe that each of us has an Angel that is “assigned” to us to help us in times of need. So how do we connect? The first thing to do is to ask. The website recommends the following steps when connecting with Angels.

  • Ask for help
  • Realize yourself as fully worthy of Angelic assistance
  • Connect with your inner child
  • Hand everything over to the Angels
  • Express Appreciation and Gratitude
  • Know that it is done
  • Act quickly on the guidance you receive


You may not see a large white light and a pair of wings, but there are other signs that may give you an indication that an Angel is nearby. There are a lot of ways to 20151228_143137-1-1tell – some people may feel a warm presence or warmth around them in an otherwise cool room, or they might hear spoken words, there may be a spark of light, or the person may feel a brush against the shoulder, they may smell a scent that doesn’t belong there (such as chocolate or flowers), or see a bouncing ball of light, or a perfect white feather before them. Oftentimes, the air may tingle, or there may be a tingling sensation down the spine or on the top of the head as well as an overwhelming sense of peace.

If you look back in time you may recall an event or two where you wonder even now how you got out of the situation alive. Perhaps it was an Angel helping you that day?

Take time to be thankful for the little things in life that have brought peace and happiness to you throughout the year as we reflect on 2015. And take a moment to thank your Angel for protecting you! On an amusing note, I’ve concluded writing this article at 2:22 p.m., and according to, 222 is a sign from your Angels to have Faith and Trust in your Divine Life Purpose and Remain Positive.

Wishing You Many Blessings in 2016!



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