What is My Life Purpose?

This is a question many of us ponder at one point or another in our lives.

There are many who believe that we enter into a sacred agreement/soul agreement with the Universe to accomplish specific goals on earth before we are born into this lifetime. One of the challenges we face is remembering what we promised to do in the first place. It may be that you agreed to bring certain people together, raise a family, make a discovery, or share knowledge locally or globally.

In this Abraham-Hicks YouTube video, the concept of the sacred agreement is explained.

Souls that reach out to us from the other side often exclaim that heaven is all about love, Angel-Cherub-with-Kitten-Garden-Statue-12-inch_37811not judgement, not anger – just love. Unconditional love for EVERYONE and not just for some. Those that have passed on tell us the true meaning of life is to love one another and all things.

Adrian P. Cooper, in his book Our Ultimate Reality, writes:

“To practice Unconditional Love is to see and love the Divine essence of absolutely everyone and everything without any exceptions, not only the superficial shell that is the temporal physical vehicle by which to experience earthly matter, but in particular the immortal Spirit within, the true image of God. You must know beyond any doubts in your very heart and Soul that everyone without exception, regardless of race, creed, culture, personality, individuality, characteristics and earthly status is an integral and equal aspect of God, our Divine creator who has given us all the precious gift of immortal life.”

true loveSo where to start? Why not set a date and make a pact with yourself to be kinder, more loving and less judgmental? After all, it’s not your role to judge the robber for robbing or the killer for killing another. It’s your job to live in harmony with others to the best of your ability while having the goal of reaching an ongoing state of unconditional love for all.

“Pure Unconditional Love is the very Energy behind all creation from the very beginning out of which God created and sustains the entire Universe in all spheres of life and reality; Pure Unconditional Love is therefore the very highest and most Divine expression of God.”

The Four Agreements
If jumping into the practice of experiencing Unconditional Love at all times is too challenging to conceive and achieve, consider another path to getting there. Consider instead The Four Agreements.

  1. Be impeccable with your word. (Say only what you mean in truth and love and avoid gossip.)
  2. Don’t take anything personally. (Be immune to the opinions of others.)
  3. Don’t make assumptions. (Ask questions and clearly express what you want.)
  4. Always do your best. (Always doing your best eliminates self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.)

While it’s challenging to keep all of the agreements all the time, making an effort in that direction can pay dividends. When you realize you’ve gone “off the wagon” and are filled with self-disappointment or self-loathing, simply acknowledge it and move on to the goal of personal freedom – freedom from self-judgement, anger and hate – to a state of love. If you are filled with anger over someone or something that was said, take time to be introspective. Ask yourself why do you feel this way? If you say, “but I need this because …,” ask yourself is this a real need or a perceived need. Is it a need of the soul or an external need for power or prestige? Authentic needs (such as being loved) are met by the universe and perceived needs (those that reside in the ego/personality) are met by obstacles and negative emotions. Ask yourself – what are my real needs? For more on the subject of The Four Agreements please refer to don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements or visit www.toltecspirit.com.

Becoming Authentically Empowered
Experiencing unconditional love for all things allows you to take back your personal power and provides you a better understanding of your life’s purpose. In his book, The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav talks about the connection between personal power and health, saying that the “way of the heart is one of compassion and emotional perception.”

 “When energy leaves you in any way except in strength and trust, it cannot bring back to you anything but pain and discomfort. An authentically empowered human being, therefore, is a human being that does not release energy except in love and trust.”

So what does it mean to be authentically empowered?

  • Be humble and respond to the beauty of each soul and revere life in all of its forms.
  • Be content with the fulfillment of authentic needs.
  • Be who you are and avoid artificial standards (what you think others expect of you).
  • Find the joy of giving without reservation.
  • Forgive and release the baggage you carry from the experience and stop holding others responsible for the experience(s).
  • Stop complaining. Ask yourself, “Why am I sharing this? What do I hope to achieve?”
  • Be clear in your perceptions and thinking. With clarity you can learn through wisdom rather than through fear and doubt. Clarity helps you understand the causes and effects of behaviors and allows you to choose consciously. “Clarity evaporates fear.”
  • Live in a state of love. Bring harmony to others and show an active interest, concern and care for their well-being.

As you strive towards a state of authentic empowerment, your life’s purpose will begin to become much clearer, Zukav says:

“Whatever the task your soul has agreed to, whatever its contract with the Universe, all of the experiences in your life serve to awaken within you the memory of that contract, and to prepare you to fill it.”

So how do you know you are fulfilling your life’s purpose? Ask yourself, is what I am doing resonating with my heart and soul? Is my work satisfying, purposeful and fulfilling? Did the experiences I’ve gone through (even if there were perceived as being painful) provide further enlightenment and greater understanding? Did the experience/experiences help me reassess where I am and what I want to do in my heart of hearts?

“Let go. Trust. Create. Be who you are. The rest is up to your nonphysical Teachers and the Universe. Take your hands off the steering wheel and be able to say to the universe Thy Will Be Done.”
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