Past Life Exploration: Have You Been Here Before?

Do you ever wonder if you have lived in the past or had a past life?

There are many people on the planet today that have lived a past life, even past lives. However, few recall these experiences. How can you tell if you have been here before? Ask yourself if a situation or place seems familiar even if you don’t recall having the experience previously. Turn off your logical mind-set for a moment and let your unconscious mind take over, prompt your unconscious mind to provide the answers – ask the question internally and then keep yourself busy doing other things to occupy conscious thought. Memories that do not exist within your conscious experience will begin to pop up. If that’s not possible, pose the question just before you go to sleep. You may receive answers – in pictures – in your dreams. Test your “memory,” and document what you see or feel. Try to focus on dates, events, the environment, weather or any catastrophic events that may have occurred during that period – see in your mind what people look like, what they are wearing, etc. Do whatever it takes to trigger a deeper memory. Then research your findings. See if there is any documented history around that moment that verifies what you’ve seen.

Try This Test
Here’s another way to discover if you have had a past life experience. You and a trusted friend should find a low table and sit cross legged on the floor on each side of the table. Turn the lights down low. Place a white candle between you and light it. Allow your gaze to relax and stare into your friend’s eyes for a while over the candlight. Talk about what you see. After a little while features will begin to change and new features will appear. Write down the things you see. Chances are you are seeing what your friend looked like in a past life. You may be surprised where the path takes you.

An Ending and a Beginning
In the mid 1980s, classes were taught in downtown Atlanta on psychic development. During one of the classes, a session on past life paris-riverseine9regression was held. The results were quite interesting. As a class participant, I was able to identify instances and experiences from a number of past lives. For example, I recalled an experience from the 1700’s in Paris. The love of my life was killed, and it was never clear to me what happened to him. By chance, I went to Paris for a weekend in 2011. Traveling on a riverboat down the Seine, I looked up as we passed beneath a bridge and almost fainted. A scene from the past played out before my eyes as my lover was robbed, stabbed in the back and thrown into the river. The next day, I returned to the bridge and released the man and the past. It was a healing moment. By letting go of the past, and any regrets, we are better positioned to welcome the present moment.

Why can’t I remember?
It’s acceptable for small children (up to age 4) to have imaginary friends and unique experiences (including thoughts of past life experiences), but as we get older those memories fade. It’s only natural to focus on what’s happening today and forget where we came from. That doesn’t mean it didn’t occur, only that we no longer remember. Because we have so many information sources available to us on the Internet today, we are seeing many more stories about children who are remembering past lives. Here are a few interesting ones:

The child who lived among the stars of Hollywood

Memories of a former life as a slave

The case of the fighter pilot

Death by fire, a woman becomes a little boy

Chances are you, too, have had a past life experience. Take time to explore the possibility.


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