It’s All In Your Head: Lessons Learned from the Seven Principles of Huna

Why does this <insert problem/situation> keep happening in my life?  Sometimes the answer is simply:  What you Think about You Bring About, or better yet, Where Attention Goes Energy Flows.

Simply put: if you think about a situation hard enough, you give it a life of its own. In relationships, if we find ourselves with a partner that doesn’t meet our needs, and we dissolve the relationship but don’t release the negative aspects, chances are the same aspects will show up in a new partner. Then upon discovering that we are in a relationship that is similar to the past one we say to ourselves, “I don’t understand, why do I kImage of Paris Sculptureeep having the same kind of relationship?” Instead of focusing on the negative, switch to the positive aspects of the person because those positive aspects are what drew you to the individual in the first place. If it’s impossible to focus on anything positive, then place your attention on something else – a beautiful tree, a laughing child, the sunshine. Visualize someone coming into your life with positive aspects and steer clear of the negative.

When situations disrupt our lives, we ask ourselves, “Why Me?” One reason may be that we need a lesson to raise us to a higher level of understanding, or consciousness or connect us with people we would not otherwise meet so we can become the teacher or the student or both.

We may announce to the universe: “I am an island. I don’t need help.” Then we find ourselves depending on others due to a catastrophic accident. If we don’t take time to reflect on what has occurred and thank the universe for the lesson and MOVE ON or LET IT GO, then another situation will occur to remind us once again that we did not learn the lesson the first time. The other reason may be related to the first fundamental principal of Huna: The World Is What You Think It Is.

Eke: The World Is What It Is
Everything in our world, everything in our own reality, comes from our thoughts. We share this with friends,family, co-workers, and everyone else. According to the Huna belief, if we would change our world, we must change our thoughts. It is a waste of time and energy to try and change the outer world on our own.

This concept is sometimes difficult to grasp because we as humans believe things happen TO US rather than our thoughts creating disturbances in our lives. We may even go so far as to say, “Well this person did THIS to me, I didn’t ASK for it.” People that have been raped don’t ask to be raped, certainly, but if we have thoughts that say, “I am not worthy,” the universe may deliver confirmation in a most unexpected way…

Makea: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
Events are created wherever there is a flow of energy and attention. Focusing your attention on a particular object or idea causes the energy to flow in that direction. Whatever the nature of your thoughts is, you feel that flow in  return. Positive energy put out into the universe, means positive energy flowing back to you.

The Seven Principals of Huna

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Focusing on positive thought is not an easy task, particularly if attention is focused on all the mayhem in the world provided by daily news reports or from the posts of well-meaning friends. Take baby steps: for 15 minutes a day focus on positive things. Look around you and say: thank you flower for providing color in my world, thank you tree for providing oxygen, etc., and laugh. Laughter is healing. Researchers in Japan found that laughter actually reduced pain levels associated with arthritis. For more on the subject of laughter and how to bring more of it into your life visit: If you have thoughts that are self-negative, make a list of positive aspects and keep it close. When you experience feelings of self-loathing, pull out the list and reflect on the fact that you are not so bad after all.


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