Getting Blurry: Merging with Unconditional Love

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a friend’s cabin in North Georgia. Around her place is untouched hardwood forest and a preserve for woodpeckers. They are everywhere – tweeting and calling and knocking on wood. I was sitting on a ridge, trusting in the universe to keep me safe and sound as I allowed myself to get lost in the moment. I sat there and listened. I did not identify anything by name – not the trees, or the birds, or the wind. I just sat and felt the wind rush through me as it topped the ridgeline. The best way to describe my state of being was blurry. I did not know where nature ended and I began. It was an incredible feeling just to be. I was living in the present moment, and in a state of expanded conciousness.

Penney Peirce, the author of Frequency, describes it best.

Imagine: your relationships dissolve, your work dissolves, your possessions dissolve. You don’t need food, water, money or approval. You have no goals, no needs, no body even. Everything solid and slow, gone into transparency. You have no beliefs, no right-and-wrong, no memory, no growth, no mistakes, nothing to communicate. What’s left is a vibration of clear light, a wave of love. You are glowing, floating, beating heart-stuff. This is who you are, and how you know, and what you know.

Tree at sunsetTake the opportunity to find a safe place to just let go and be. You realize in that moment that everything is transitory. Nothing is permanent, and that is where hope and new beginnings lie. I was in a state of unconditional love, and the best place to begin anew. If you do not have a ridge upon which to sit, you can focus on something you love unconditionally – a pet or a person or even the little old lady on the corner. Focus on that feeling if you can for 1 minute or so and drop all the other thoughts away – picture yourself sweeping the other thoughts out the door with a broom. Feeling unconditional love for even a moment will renew your body/mind/soul.

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