Dreams Become Reality

For those who hear the bugler’s call. Go forth and carry out your dream. The angels are with you. The universe will guide the way, putting the people and the circumstances in your path to make your dreams happen. Follow the call.

All of us have dreams of success, love, prosperity and a better life. I’ve been a proponent of positive thinking and The Secret for a number of years now. What I’ve found is if you can visualize the outcome and believe it will happen and ELIMINATE DOUBT your dreams can manifest into reality. The key is not to concentrate on the how but the outcome. Ask, then watch, listen and wait.

This morning I made a request of the universe. I said, “Do you hear me universe?!” Then I casually glanced at the ground in front of me. BugleWhat I found embedded in the grass was a brass bugle ornament. I must have failed to remove it from my Christmas tree as I took the tree to the curb for composting. I’ve never known where that little bugle came from originally, and thought it odd when I found it amongst my ornaments this year, but I hung it on the tree nonetheless.  I think the bugle showed up today so I could HEAR the response from the universe.

My answer to you is to dream BIG. Make that vision board. Put a picture on your wall of what you want to happen in your life. Believe it WILL happen. Sometimes it’s easy to forget, with all the hustle and bustle of daily living, we were given all the tools and skills we need to accomplish what we need to accomplish in this lifetime. We were put on this planet – not to suffer – but to live a great life. Yes, there are lessons we must learn along the way and challenges that may cause us to hesitate, but those lessons and challenges also shape us, and grow us, so we can become better people.

If envisioning something big seems like too much to do, then picture something small. A place you would like to visit, or a friend you would like to connect with again. Put a simple picture up, pat it with your hand and say, “I’ll see you soon!” Then wait for the universe to make happen.

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