When did you know you were a psychic?

So many people have asked me when did you know you were psychic?  And then the follow-up question: So what am I thinking now?

I think I’ve always known I was psychic, but I could not put a name to it for a long time. Things became clearer when I was 13.

The Voice Inside My Head
That was when my family took a 2-week trip in a Winnebago out west.  While we were traveling through Los Angeles I heard a voice inside my head say: make sure everyone is secure. So I walked around and made certain my mom and dad had seat belts on and my brother and sister were sitting and sort of lodged against a table. I took my dog and headed for the back of the vehicle and wedged myself against a wall with my dog in my arms. A few minutes later, our vehicle struck an immobile car and everything went flying. My mom’s head hit the dash but she was held in place by the seat belt. My brother and sister fell beneath the table and I fell forward in the back. No one received anything more than scratches that day. When question markI look back, I would say that was the first very clear act of cognition I can recall.

So What Am I Thinking Now?
Psychics are used to being asked the question what am I thinking now?  The answer is not always simple. For me, if the individual is thinking a million thoughts at once (and you know who you are!) it’s hard to get a fix on one or two things. But if the person has a singular thought or image in a moment
than I can see it fairly clearly.  It was in my early 20’s that I first realized I could hear someone’s thoughts. It was a disturbing realization because, let’s face it, not everyone says what they think. Today, I try not to delve into someone’s head out of respect for the person’s privacy.

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