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Dogs and the Art of Being Zen

Living in the moment is not so easy for us humans. We find ourselves dwelling on the past or thinking about the future or focusing on the tasks ahead of us to complete our day.

Dogs know better. They live in the moment.

loco mugMany times I will find myself sitting cross legged, with my little Chihuahua in my lap, and we go through a guided meditation together. He lays quite still and clearly enjoys the energy that radiates through both of us as we gravitate towards a higher level together.

I tell this story as I had an interesting experience recently with Prana Yoga meditation in a group setting. As I was participating in the session, my dog was participating from many, many miles away.

The teacher, Simplicity Love, offers retreats and classes that focus on the art of self-healing through Ayurveda. In the meditation, I rested the top point of the back of my neck where it joins the skull on a rubber block and pair of rubber balls. This is the Feng Fu trigger point (GV 16 in the diagram).  I have long known that placing ice on this point is a great way to eliminate a headache caused by sinus pressure. Little did I know that minimal movements – rolling the neck ever so slightly using micro movements  over the rubber balls – would eliminate body pain and bring balance between Yin and Yang. Using this technique, along with breathing once in and out through one nostril and then the other while gently depressing the alternative nostril, brought me into balance again and set up an opportunity to release myself into a deep, meditative state of being.

So how does the story about my Zen dog fit into a story about meditation? One minute before the instructor announced to the class that it was time to “reconnect” with our bodies and come out of the meditative state of being, I saw in my mind’s eye, that my little dog had stepped out of the front door of my home and looked into the world. He was clearly looking for me. Could it be that my dog had joined me in the meditation from so many miles away and was bringing me back to the land of the living? This stunning revelation brought me great joy as I realized that my dog understood meditation far better than I. Not only had he joined me in the meditation, but he searched for me in the higher realm to bring me back.

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An Animal Understanding: A Trip to South Africa

We communicate with our animals in a variety of ways. Sometimes their needs are simple: they want to play, or they are thirsty, hungry or tired. Animals have a different way of looking at the world. They are attuned to our emotions, the weather and danger. They may protect us, feel threatened by us or ask for our help.

Recently, I had the rare opportunity to see all manner of animals in a somewhat natural habitat: Krueger Park (about the size of Florida in land mass) and nature preserves along the South African Coast. There were prides of lions; herds of elephants and zebras; a jackal stalking prey; a leopard eating an impala in a tree; giraffes eating green leaves from the tops of tall trees; hippos submersed in a watering hole; a hornbill feeding its babies in a hollowed out tree; a family of warthogs; monkeys and baboons; lone hyenas and groups of hyraxes. I saw hundreds of penguins that seemed perfectly content living at a shoreline nature preserve with easy access to the ocean.

Sometimes I would reach out with my mind – sending healing energy and love – to see if I could capture an animal’s attention and get a closer look.  Often, I was ignored, but sometimes I was lucky. At one point, a baby warthog ran up to me as if to say, “Hi! I’m a baby warthog!” If I didn’t know better, I would think he was smiling. Another time, a hyena edged towards me with his sore foot, and I sent healing energy towards him until he ambled off.

To see all of these animals “in the wild” was an indescribable experience. It provided a much better understanding of how animals relate in the wild and to each other. It also prepared me better for helping a pet after my return.


A Dog That Was Ready to Depart
At the end of October, a friend mentioned that her dog was not well and was being treated for a common disease. I told her I might be able to help as I was a healing channel.

Her name was Bella. She was a 10-year-old bulldog rescue. When I first saw her she was lying on a mat on the floor panting. I began talking to her and did an energy check. I felt rather than saw that she had a cancerous tumor that was making it difficult for her to breath. She also had cancer in her stomach. She had been misdiagnosed by the vet, unfortunately.

I worked on her for some time and told her mom that she had cancer, and she was ready to go. I cried as I worked with her. On a positive note, she was stoic about her condition and kept reaching for me with her paw because the energy work made her feel good. Her mom said, “I don’t want to let her go.” I asked Bella if she was willing to stay just a little while longer. She agreed. For the next three days, Bella showed her mom that she could walk and eat and be affectionate just as she always was. On the third day, she laid down and died. I think it gave her mom comfort and an opportunity to say goodbye.

I tell this story because it relates to the South Africa experience. Even though the animals were in danger of being eaten, or lacked water because the land was so dry, they were stoic, happy even and accepted the life they had. Perhaps, we too, could learn to accept life as it is and enjoy the special moments just as the animals do.

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Does Karma Exist?

Many believe that “what comes around, goes around,” meaning that someone who has committed a wrong against another will pay for it via the Law of Karma. Another way of understanding this principle is by understanding its equivalency to Newton’s Third Law of Motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Another reference can be interpreted from this passage in the Bible, James 3:18: (And a) harvest of righteousness is grown from the seed of peace planted by peacemakers.

Water Crystal


Masaru Emoto conducted experiments with water in the 1990s. In his book, Messages from Water, he illustrates with photographs the impact words have on water crystals. Since we ourselves are composed of about 60 percent water, it may be inferred that words are powerful and impact us just as words can change water crystals. But do angry words result in Karma?

What is Karma Anyway?

If you look up Karma online, you will find all kinds of definitions. From Wikipedia, “Our actions, both good and bad, come back to us in the future, helping us to learn from life’s lessons and become better people.”

A Theory of Karma from the Jainism Literature Center indicates that the translation of the word means deeds, which include thoughts and words. In the Jainism belief, Karmas are fine particles that sit around us creating layers that separate our souls from knowledge and reaching our potential. In Buddhism, Karma is based on the law of cause and effect.

“All living beings have actions (Karma) as their own, their inheritance, their congenital cause, their kinsman, their refuge. It is Karma that differentiates beings into low and high states.”

There have been many examples of Karma. I saw one the other day involving a local business. It’s top officials believed that cheating others was an acceptable business practice. The court system disagreed and they must now pay a hefty fine. Sometimes Karma takes a long time to impact someone, and sometimes it’s immediate. For some amusing examples of immediate Karma, visit: http://www.seenox.org/instant-karma-gifs-funny-examples/.

Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Deeds

Can Karma, good or bad, stay with us from our past lives? Does it impact our financial and life goals today? There are different schools of thought on this issue. Personally, I don’t believe we bring the heavy burden of old Karma with us from a previous life. I believe we are born again and begin anew when we enter this lifetime. However, that doesn’t mean that our thoughts, words and deeds don’t have an impact down the road for ourselves and for others.

So How Do We Avoid Karma?

Making it a practice to be kind to yourself and others is a good first step. Appreciating your own positive traits, skills and characteristics can impact your level of happiness in a positive way. If you practice being kind to yourself, you will find that negative self-talk feels alien to you after a very short while.

On the contrary, negative self-talk or angry words with others can raise your blood pressure, create an upset stomach and other health issues, simply as a result of how you think of ybutterfly blogourself and others. If you are concerned about your health, stop focusing on the negative impact it may have and find the value or lesson in it. Change how you see yourself – focus on the outcome of a more perfect you without defining the process of getting there – and feel better. Say to yourself, “I feel GREAT today,” regardless of how you feel. Adversity can be tough, but it does provide a teaching moment, forcing us to grow, change and adapt. However, loving yourself through the obstacles and knowing in your heart that nothing remains the same (the wheel goes round and round), makes the challenge much easier to accept and conquer.

Love, too, can come to you. It may not be with a partner. It may be with a child, or a pet, or a neighbor or someone else, and that’s OK too. Learning to love unconditionally is one way to understand the potential it has to transform your life. One day, I was surprised by an intense feeling of unconditional love towards a pair of three-year-old twins I had just met. The feeling was incredible, and I was freed by the thought that it was possible to feel unconditional love in many ways.  Learning to appreciate yourself and everything that is around you WILL CHANGE YOU for the better.


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Taking Time to Set Intentions on the New Moon

Have you experienced a time of reflection in recent months? Have old issues and fears cropped up, forcing you to face those fears and deal with them … finally? Astrologically speaking, all of this deep thought may be due the planet Mars transiting the sign of Scorpio. Today marks the end of its cycle as Mars re-enters the sign of Sagittarius in the Leo New Moon, giving us an opportunity to “let go of things that no longer serve us.”

This is an optimal time to set intentions for the next 28-day lunar cycle. Leo is a fire sign, radiating an atmosphere of courage and confidence. – Belinda Dunn

For more on the subject of planetary changes in 2016 please view: http://www.lynnkoiner.com/astrology-articles/mars-in-scorpio-2014 and http://www.kelleyrosano.com/kelley-rosano/2016-astrological-events/.

The Power of Setting Intentions

An intention is a directed impulse of consciousness that
contains the seed form of that which you aim to create. – Deepak Chopra

The first step when releasing your heart’s desire into the cosmos is to freedirection of dreams thoreau your mind of ego and outcomes. Meditate first. Set intentions second. Don’t determine the path your desire will take, and don’t determine the outcome. Why? Because we never know what great possibilities, opportunities and experiences lie in the path, and the outcome may be much greater than we can possibly imagine. Deepak Chopra, M.D., describes the process in, “5 Steps to Setting Powerful Intentions.”

When choosing a new career path – name the subject of interest then release it. “I am interested in pursuing … or I am looking forward to … (state what you want),” then thank the universe for bringing it to you. At times, the universe may give you “action steps,” which are things you must do to set your intentions in motion. Listen to your heart (rather than your mind) for direction. Other times you may receive messages that things are proceeding as planned. These signs can be in the form of bumper stickers, banners on websites, roadside signs, unexpected words of encouragement from a stranger or a friend – all of these things represent clues that you are on the right path.

Remaining Positive Keeps Intentions Flowing

In Buddhist philosophy, Buddha said that insight and vision brings peace, while suffering buddha-lessonsis due to dissatisfaction based on one’s need to cling to beliefs around situations that blind us to what is. In other words, right thoughts, right actions, right deeds, can create an awakening within you that may not otherwise exist if you remain in a state of worry and negativity.

If someone is mean to you, look beyond the situation. Ask yourself, “What was the intention of the person in this instance? What circumstances is the person facing in his or her own life that created this series of words or actions?” The situation may also be a message for you. Keep yourself in a positive light and ask yourself, “What have I learned from this experience?” Be thankful there are lessons to learn that can lead us to a state of enlightenment.

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Death at the Doorway and a Promise of the Hereafter

Recently a dear friend passed away. I was there the day before she passed. Her mother, who had already passed to the other side years before, was standing beside the bed. My friend’s son, who stood grieving on the other side of the bed, did not realize his grandmother stood beside him. Angel light filled the room. From my perspective sitting on the other side of the bed, the room appeared to be crowded with light beings.

“The dying are most often visited by their mothers. It shouldn’t be too surprising that the person who is actually present as we cross the threshold of life and take our first breaths once again appears at the threshold as we take our last breaths.” – Oprah.com

I had never seen a picture of her mother before, and told her sons that I saw a woman that I thought was her mother. Later, I had an opportunity to look at a photo. It was the same lady I saw standing beside the bed.

I called on my ancestors to assist me as a healing channel to provide calm and comfort to my friend. Her rapid breathing slowed somewhat, but that was all. I prayed that she would be at peace.

The next day, as I was meandering along a popular trail – my way of cominangel lightg to terms with the inevitable passage of a dear friend – I heard her sister, who had passed 12 years before, call out, “C’mon, what are you waiting for?” I felt, rather than saw, my friend smile. I knew in that moment that she had departed. Her sister, who was also her best friend, helped bring her out of her ravaged body and into the light.

Was this a shared death experience? A story from CNN explores this subject further: http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2014/12/us/shared-death/

While we grieve on this side over the pain of a love one who has departed, I strongly believe that relatives who have passed gather around the dying to help them cross. It gave me peace to know this fact, and I hope it helps you too.

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Talking Trees: Tuning into Nature

Have you ever watched the actions of mature trees as a storm begins to build in the distance? If you pay attention you may notice that the top branches of various trees lean towards each other and touch branches. I think of it as an expression of joy that rain is coming.Charles Darwin quote number 2For several years I lived in a small house at the bottom of a mountain in North Georgia. I learned to listen with all my senses and discovered that trees, plants, animals and fish – all have a language of their own.

If you listen with your heart instead of your ears, you will come to realize that the “silent forest” is not so silent after all. Limbs creak. Leaves rustle and drop to the ground. A group of leaves from one tree will reach out to another and “touch leaves.”

Tree alight smallThe largest tree in the group is generally what I would call “grandfather/grandmother tree.” This tree is touched on all sides by the branches of other trees. It seems that this tree appears to be protected from storms by the trees around it. I believe because it has lived to a ripe old age, it carries the history of the land beneath its feet and offers an appropriate immune system response to protect the other trees.

Even though I’ve moved back to noisy Atlanta, I’ve retained the ability to hear the trees and plants talk. They let me know when they are happy, or when they are distressed before they are cut down (they let me know about 3 days in advance). I will rest my hand on the trunk and thank them for the shade and beauty and love they have provided.  I’ll let them know just how sad I am that they are being cut down. Trees are surprisingly stoic about being removed, by the way.

Hydragen Under ivy smallMany studies have shown that trees and plants communicate with sounds and signals, sharing immune system-building chemicals through underground fungal networks to keep each other strong and more resistant to disease.

“Not only do plants use airborne chemicals, they send signals underground, through their roots. Some make ultrasonic “clicking” sounds. What feels to us like a quiet day in the forest may in fact be a hurly-burly of wafting, pulsing, clicking plant-to-plant communication.” http://www.npr.org/sections/krulwich/2014/04/29/307981803/plants-talk-plants-listen-here-s-how

taragonRecently, my neighbor chose to sell her house to a developer, so the land could be leveled to make way for a new home. I was offered an opportunity to harvest some plants, which were located around the base of a bird bath. A new home for the plants was prepared with good soil, nutrition and plenty of H2O.  I decided to keep the plants grouped in the same general area. After the flowers and herbs were planted, I noticed them begin to wave and touch and lean briefly against each other. It’s as if they were saying, “Hello friend, there you are.”

If you want to connect with trees, I would start with the largest one. Place the palms of your hands on the bark, or sit at the base of the tree and lean your back against it. Stop thinking. Close your eyes. Let go. Soon enough, you will get messages from the tree.

Here is an example of a father teaching his daughters to talk to trees in a different way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxqrSNbwj_8

I hope you get the opportunity to spend a little time outdoors contemplating nature in the days ahead.


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Talking to the Animals

“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.”
– A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Job: 12:8
But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee: Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.

We can learn a lot by watching animal behavior in both domesticated acrop of eaglend non-domesticated animals. Animals understand what it means to be truly present and in the moment. They are sensitive to our moods and emotions in a room, they feel the coming storm and changes to their environment. They protect each other and us in times of calamity. They recognize friend from foe. They know a healer when they see one.

Many times, I’ve had birds, dogs, fish, snakes, even a raccoon once, connect with me or ask for help. If a dog is struggling with hip dysplasia or arthritis, a tumor or other problem that can’t be seen, the dog will approach me and telepathically communicate the issue.

  • I was sitting in front of a large fish tank at a restaurant. The fish alerted me to a chemical imbalance in the aquarium. I watched helplessly as one fish began hitting another that was dying. A third fish protected the first one and attacked the aggressor. I told the restaurateur that the aquarium was in trouble; he assured me the problem would be corrected the next day.
  • In another instance, fish that lived in a tributary creek which led to a major waterway told me that their natural environment was about to undergo drastic change, and they were upset. I showed up with a camera the next day to record an individual illegally bulldozing the creek in order to make it flat. I contacted authorities with the evidence.
  • A dog who had been abused prior to his most recent home, told me that his owners scared him when they approached him. He refused to tell me about the experience of prior abuse. He explained that if they would just get on his level he would be more trusting and less skittish. I demonstrated a better way for the young couple to interact with the dog. They have a much better relationship now.
  • A king snake slithered to me in response to harassment by neighborhood kids. I picked up the snake and placed him in a safer area at the base of a tree stump. He stopped at the top of the hole at the center of the tree trunk and looked at me as if to say thanks, then disappeared.
  • A Canada goose hopped up to me to show me his foot had become entangled in fishing line. Regretfully, there was nothing I could do.
  • Dogs routinely walk up to tell me about their physical ailments, or enable me to see the source of a problem within. Other dogs recognize the gift of healing and approach me as they would an old familiar friend.
  • More than once, I’ve had wild lizards crawl up on my hand and look at me. They are simply letting me know they enjoy the space they inhabit in the world.
  • One day, my Chihuahua educated me on the art of stillness. A big snow and ice storm
    had covered the city and nothing was moving – no trains, no planes, no automobiles, loco 103014no people – nothing could be heard but the faint crackling of ice. He sat outside on the icy front yard in 16-degree weather. He just sat there and looked around. When I asked him what he was doing he looked at me, then looked around again. I finally understood. For the first time since moving to Atlanta, the city was actually truly quiet and peaceful. We sat outside for a ½ hour that cold day and enjoyed the silence.

Even pets that have passed will continue to stick around. Sometimes I can see them and pass on messages to their owners. They feel no regret for having left the earth plane, they know that they were loved and are missed and come back to say hello.

Animals don’t worry about tomorrow. They live in the present moment, which is something we as humans forget to do. Patience and a lack of fear allows animals to connect with us.

“Dogs, on the other hand, don’t see the world in terms of one thing or one moment relative to another. A dog’s mind is an energy circuit. What it feels is indistinguishable from where it is, its consciousness a function of its surroundings, whoever or whatever it finds therein and whether or not it feels connected to all of this. This is why dogs are compelled to smell; they’re importing the essences of things, the energy within the form, directly into their gut so it can be digested. Sensory inputs become integrated with viscera so that a dog becomes physically rather than mentally connected to its world. A dog doesn’t apprehend its “self” as separate or distinct from whatever or whomever it is attracted to.” http://onpoint.wbur.org/2011/06/02/emotions-human-dog-connection

Dahli Lama

Sit quietly and observe animals in their natural habitat. If you are quiet and still enough you can see and hear the symphony in nature.

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Is There Anybody Out There?

A couple of nights ago I had a dream that I was in a large, crowded auditorium. I was an ambassador of sorts and met many people. One man approached me that I had not seen before. His eyes were different, soulful, and somewhat unusual. I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said I hoped I would see him again.

After the meeting, I walked up to a plateau from a sandy beach.  I looked around me and Hexagon on Saturnthere were symbols drawn in the patches of sand – they were drawn everywhere I looked. I traced one of the symbols, an octagonal shape containing circles. I looked off in the distance and there was that same man. He looked back at me as he sat in a circle with others along the base of an overhanging cliff. To their left was a battered spaceship that appeared to be parked.

When I woke up I did some research online. The image was almost an exact duplicate of a shape on the face of Saturn. Read more about it from NASA: http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?release=2007-034

The dream brought me back to thoughts I had as a child when I would look up into the night sky and wonder who was looking back at me.

When we realize that earth is a small planet compared to our solar system and beyond, and begin to understand our role in the greater universe, we realize our troubles are small by comparison. In fact, our problems shouldn’t create as much concern as they do.

Once the realization hits, we begin to see things as they are. We come to realize that there is so much more to life than living day-to-day in a state of turmoil. We realize we are on the planet for a reason, so we might as well enjoy the experience.

Take time to dream and look at the night sky. Study our universe, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

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Letting Go

The universe works in mysterious ways. Friends you thought you would have for life simply fade away or drop off abruptly. Your life has changed and you wonder what just happened and why.

If someone is a negative influence in your life, or you are changing and they remain in the same place, it may be time to let that person or those people go. Sure, you will miss them, but you also know in your heart of hearts that the individual Letting Go picwill continue to always be what they are – nothing more, and it is not fair to expect them to be “better” or “different.”

I’ve seen situations where someone tries to hang onto someone else because knowing someone for a long time makes it easier to be around them – what I would call the comfort factor – because you know what to expect. They never change even when you do.
If this situation has happened to you, chances are you have raised your vibrational level. Maybe you have become more spiritual or more philosophical about life. Maybe there is a new partner, a new job, a new way of living. Maybe your friend or friends don’t know how to “just be” around you anymore. Maybe it’s time to forgive them, forgive yourself and let go.

“If you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot,
you will have a lot of peace.” – Ajahn Chah

For those of us that feel stuck in place, another way to let go is to clear out stuff. Do you have stacks of old papers gathering dust? Go out and buy some industrial-sized trash bags, shred that pile, and let it go. Here’s the good part, once you open up some space in your life – whether it’s saying goodbye to someone you care about or it’s the stack of papers and other things that clutter up your world – you are actually making room for someone new or something new in your life. You’ve cleared the way for it to happen, so let the magic begin!

Where 2015 was the year for manifestation and change it was also a time of releasing – whether you wantedmonkey 3 to or not. 2016, according to Chinese Astrology, is the Year of the Monkey.

And what does the monkey do? He knocks everything a little off balance –
planning goes out the window, life becomes livelier, mental energy increases. So this year, take a few risks, invent something new, get out there and blow off some steam, climb that hill, be creative, be courageous, say goodbye to the past and welcome the new.

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